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The furture of business is yours to shape

Have all your operations within the company seamlessly flow through using tulsi, by keeping everything in one place
rather than having everything scattered all over the place.

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Connected tools to make it easy

All tools are custom and are designed closely with fulfilling all the needs for accountants and business owners.


An online inventory platform that makes you smarter

  • Realtime inventory sync across all your sales channels and marketplaces as it happens.
  • Best in class stock control creates full inventory visibility for all of your teams.
accept online orders from all online stores in one place
manage granular level bills of material when making products
Bills of Materials

Fast and accurate item tracking that’s ready for growth

  • Make sense of picking chaos with dashboards and scanners.
  • Never send the wrong item or miss shipping cut off times.
  • Increase margins with reliable and accurate warehouse management.

Streamline your shipping to make customers happy

  • Launch globally, integrate with any shipping carrier.
  • No more grunt work. Bulk ship and automate tasks.
  • Save with access to discounted commercial shipping rates.
shipping goods and services

We know Data is gold in every business operations.

So we provide multiple integrations with data aggregator platforms, so that you can go around making magic using your business data.

Google Data Studio

Visualise your own data or access our pre mase reports

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Google Sheets

Google Sheets For You to easily mix and match data sets

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Mail Chimp

Using Your account send our email to yours

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1000+ Integrations To Connect With Tulsi

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Always have your business
data at your finger tips!

No one stays in one place all day long and neither does tulsi. Seamlessly switch between your computer and your phone with the tulsi app. All the workflow management power you need, now in your everywhere.

Stories from Business Owners

These are a few customers that joined us in our early days

We’ve used Tulsi from the early days to power the inventory control aspect of our website for B2B as well as B2C to enable more seamless business operations.

Prisha Shanghvi
Jaanki Jwellers

Using Bills of materials feature in Tulsi, has helped us with always updated stocks and automatic refilling, it really helps you look after your business, so you can grow.

George M. Mitchell
Sundrop Mandarins

You're in good company

Tulsi is trusted by some of the fastest-growing brands for managing their inventory, shipping and bookkeeping.


Manage Cashflow & Get Instant Loans and Invoice Financing.

Businesses have limited operating capital and this is why it becomes important to manage accounts payables and recieveables efficently. Now simplify the process by managing everything in one place for free.

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Your next stage of growth is just a click away.

Tulsi is trusted by some of the fastest-growing brands for managing their inventory, shipping and bookkeeping.

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