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Organize Chaos within your business

Have all your operations within the company seamlessly flow through using tulsi, by keeping everything in one place
rather than having everything scattered all over the place.


One Tool, Many Uses

From Recycling to Manufacturing to Distribution to Sales, tulsi has got you covered.
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Custom tools for your Operations

All tools are custom and are designed closely with fulfilling all the needs for accountants and business owners.

contract purchase farm purchase consignment purchase explanation


Deploy any purchasing methods

Purchase goods apart from the usual way, if your business required committing to a purchase contract from a farmer or a consigmnet, you can now buy X number of quantity based on a decided rate or commit to X number of quantity and pay as you receive the goods.

weight log explanation

Weight Logging

Efficiently logging harvested everyday

Log weight everyday of the goods received partially or incase of recycling record sorted goods using the weight logging tool.

manage inventory explanation

Manage Inventory

Manage stocks at granular levels

Stop spending time reconciling your stock at hand, Tulsi provides complete stock at hand inventory management system connected to every feature in the system, to manage avalible stock values automatically.
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processed goods explanation

Sales ~ Processed Goods

Ship goods processed goods to your buyers

Sell processed goods, In your custom defined quantities by converting loose weights into the grades you wish to sell to your buyers. For eg: if you have a fruit that you cleaned, sorted, and finally packed. Using Tulsi now sell it based on units and weights both tallied and automatically calculated to match your stocks.
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reports explanation


Analyse your business on new levels

Your data is the answer to all your business questions, tulsi has a data first approach we have built very specific reporting system to help you calculate data which are used by multi national companies. Providing additional services to answer all your business questions by judging market data.
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bills of material explanation

Product Recipes

Analyse your business on new levels

Create product recipes and based on product recipes defined with detailed inventory item values letting Tulsi automated system calculate and record inventory used, to always have upto date stock at hand values.
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manufacturing explanation

Make in Batch or for Order

Build products on order or build to stock

Tulsi helps builders with direct to customer manufacturing linked with make for order & make in batches functionality to work as a mass production unit or a small boutique builder , building a platform for manufacturers to follow a lean approach, our reports also help builders understand demand surge for there products.
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custom taxes explanation

Account all Taxes

Taxes for each country

We have a custom function for setting up tax logic, so that you dont have to use yet another hack for your custom tax functions, now add whatever taxes apply to your country easily into tulsi.
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brokerage mandi wholesale trade explanation

Brokerage Entry

Work with suppliers and buyers seamlessly

Working as a trader/broker by facilitating trade is now easier than ever, using a single form, assign products, items, or services to your buyer and supplier, invoicing them is easier than ever and we help you calculate your commissions real-time like a pro.
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Manage Expenses explanation

Manage Expenses

Organize all your bills

Stop stacking up your bills like in the old times, upload bill and record them easily, tally up your expenses, and do real-time reporting on the dashboard, so you always have a clue what expenses are on a rise and why.
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Credit Budgets explanation

Limit your credits

Bad Debts are Controllable

Budgets are a function specifically a need of our own, but acknowledged by all our users. It was built to control the credit per user as according to our theory each user to have credit to risk ratio, as each B2B business usually looses 1-3% of there earnings over bad debts. Using this we have minimized 58% of our bad debts.
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Collaborators explanation


Work together as Team

Have your team on the same page as yours, define work over the software rather than duplicating the whole thing on paper. We have made it really simple for user to perform actions, check, and work together as a team.
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live accounting explanation

Work Remotely

Don't limit yourself in one place

Covid-19 has taught us business should not be set to one place, it should be where ever you or your team is. Keeping tabs on your business no matter where you are. With the Tulsi mobile app, you even can capture your expenses, send invoices and know the moment you get paid, all from the palm of your hand.
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multiple warehouses explanation


Operate in multiple locations

Tulsi grows with you, manage multiple warehouses with your business, store, sell, & stock transfers between warehouses, always have updated stocks in each warehouse with tulsi
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many other custom tools explanation

More tools to help

More Tools to make your business feel frictionless

We added kanban boards, gantt charts, even our custom solution to manage credit payout as a trader to interactively manage transactions management and operate a lean business.
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We know Data is gold in every business operations.

So we provide multiple integrations with data aggregator platforms, so that you can go around making magic using your business data.


Always have your business data at your finger tips!

No one stays in one place all day long and neither does tulsi. Seamlessly switch between your computer and your phone with the tulsi app. All the workflow management power you need, now in your everywhere.

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Stories from Business Owners

These are a few customers that joined us in our early days


We’ve used Tulsi from the early days to   power the inventory control aspect of our website for B2B as well as B2C to enable more seamless business operations.

Prisha Shanghvi, Jaanki Jwellers


Tulsi is great, I’d say that   Tulsi was our fourth employee, I don’t know what we’d do without it.

Robbie Miller, BentoBox 4 All


Using Bills of materials feature in Tulsi, has helped us with always updated stocks and automatic refilling, it really helps you look after your business, so you can grow.

George M. Mitchell, Sundrop Mandarins


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Tulsi is trusted by some of the fastest-growing brands for managing their inventory, shipping and bookkeeping.

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